Chinese chair with a yoke back

Take a seat in Chinese history

Ming Dynasty Yoke-Back Armchair, held by Philadelphia Museum of Art Check out more details about this chair! : Read more about the history of chairs in

Clothing as a Status Symbol and Color Symbolism in Chinese Culture

The History of Chinese Jade Carving

Final Project: The History of Chinese Jade Carving

Shadow Puppets in China

The Terracotta Army

Mass Optimization Throughout Chinese History

Mass optimization or mass production are both terms commonly thought of as modern terms, but they have been used throughout history. Throughout Chinese history, there have been optimization…

An image of an ink printed epitaph with writing in Chinese characters.

Entombed Epitaphs: A Glimpse Into the Past

Entombed epitaphs provide a different way to learn about people’s real lives in Chinese history. Through these epitaphs, we get personal accounts of people’s lives that likely would…

Final Project: Rare Hollow Buddhas

Ancient China Cosmetics

Cosmetics were very important in ancient China in order to appear pleasing to society. This essay will discuss the different cosmetics women used in ancient China as well…

Close up of Lady Dai and her attendants in the transitional scene between the human world and the heavens. Lady Dai is in the middle wearing a garment with similar colors and designs as the funerary banner. She's accompanied by three figures behind her and addresses two figures kneeling in front of her.

Lady Dai’s Funerary Banner

Lady Dai’s tomb is one of the most remarkable preservation of Han dynasty life that exists to date. Buried with her was her funerary banner, one of the…