Setting up your site, and creating a first post

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If you already have a Bergbuilds domain:

Please go to the domain or subdomain of your choice. (Here’s how to create a subdomain). You can include the course number hst137 to gather all your coursework on one separate site from your main domain (e.g. hst137.tdh.bergbuilds). Then follow the instructions from Step 1 (below) onwards:

If you’re new to all this:

  1. Go to the Onelogin portal
  2. Click on the Berg Builds tile (blue circle with white W) – it may be under the tab “Personal” or “Everything”
  3. Fill out your subdomain name when it says “Choose Your Domain”:, bearing in mind the suggestions for a good name. You can use an alias, if you want, but do not include the course number here (you may end up using your domain for other courses later.)
  4. Install the web application “Wordpress” using these instructions: Note that the examples in the videos are from a different college, but the interface (the “cpanel”)should look very similar.

Help is available from the DLAs (details to follow) and on the help website.

For everyone:

Step 1: Create a category with the course number: hst137. This is necessary for your work to show up in my workflow in Inoreader. I’ll tell you more about Inoreader later!

  • Method 1: How to create a category
  • Method 2: click on “Posts” in the left menu, and then “categories”, fill out the name hst137 and make sure the “slug” is hst137, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button “Add New Category”.

Step 2: Create a first post. You will learn how to insert an image and a hyperlink, add it to a category, and add tags. (Wait! What’s the difference between a tag and a category?) You will need all of these skills for your later posts, so get practicing!

  1. Open a new browser window, and go to the website http:/ and find a Growth Mindset cat that speaks to you. Leave the cat window open!
  2. On your website, create a new post (Posts > Add New), and include the word Cat in the title. Write why the cat’s mindset resonates with you. Then go back to the cat-meme website, and grab the image: right-click (Windows) or Control+click (Mac) and choose “copy image address/location” from the menu.
  3. Go back to your post. Click the + button to add a new block, and select “Image”. Click on “Insert from URL”, then paste the image address you just copied. It should end in .jpg.
  4. Add a caption, including the source. You can just grab the address and post it as a hyperlink: click in the “caption” field, click on the right-most icon (a link icon) and confirm by clicking on the arrow.
  5. Add “Alt text“: this helps visually impaired internet users to see pictures. Click on the picture in the editor window, to the right you see “Image settings” appear. Describe what is in the picture, including the text. For example: “Two young orange tabby cats look determined to something off camera. Text ‘Be curious!’ “
  6. Add the post to the Category with the course’s number. In the Document section of the right menu, scroll to Categories, and click to expand the menu. Untick “Uncategorized”, and click on the category with the course number instead.
  7. Add tags: under the Category menu in the editor window, you see Tags. Click to fold it open, and add the word week1 in the box. You can add other tags, too. (More info on tags in WordPress)
  8. Check with the Preview button everything looks fine. If it does,
  9. Press the “Publish” button. And there is your post!
  10. Email me the link to your blog, so I can find it and share it with your fellow students on our Canvas SECRETS page.

When you are done:

When you are done, read this Declaration carefully, and head on over to Canvas to fill out the Declaration Quiz:

I created (or reactivated) a personal website on
I created the category hst137
I created my first post on the Growth Mindset Category
TITLE of the post includes the word Cat
IMAGE: I included the image of the cat, and a caption with the image credit/source.
CATEGORY: I added the post to category hst137
TAGS: I added the tag week1 to the post
I emailed a link to my website/blog to Dr. D’Haeseleer

There will be one more task connected to this week: commenting on other students’ posts, using Details will follow when I have everybody’s website address.

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