First Reflection

Time estimate: 1-2 hrs (to gather evidence, to reflect, and to write and polish)

WHEN: due Tuesday, Feb. 21, 11:59PM; 8 points

WHAT: a 500-800 word reflection, submitted as a Google Doc. Please give me commenting/suggesting access.

More details: We are now just over five weeks into the semester, and I would like you to take the time to reflect on your learning in this course so far. It is also an invitation to look back to your goals from the start of semester, and see how those are shaping up. Write a 500-800 word piece, using two of the following bullet points as a jumping off point to consider where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, and maybe even where you’d like to go. Craft a coherent piece that shows me how you’re taking this course as a way to hone your research and writing skills. Illustrate with concrete examplesshow, don’t just tell!

  • How have you engaged with the course materials? What would you like to improve in your preparation and participation in class and beyond (see syllabus description for my broader definition)? What are you doing well?
  • What have you learned in this course so far, in contents and/or in historical skills? What are some of the threads or overarching topics you are identifying? What in your work so far makes you say: “yes, I am thinking like a historian”? Have you applied any of these skills in other courses?
  • What have you learned in this course that you have not yet been able to/ cannot share in an assignment, either about history, or about yourself as a student or historian?

WHY: These reflections help me understand how you learn, and how I can best support your learning. I also hope you use this as a moment to think about your goals for the course, and, if necessary how you can push the reset button on your engagement with the course, and commit anew to your goals for this course.

You will develop your metacognitive skills (meaning: “knowing what you know”) throughout this semester with more of these reflections. This is a very valued skill for future employers and will also serve you well in a more independent career path, by the way.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Share a Google Doc link with me (use the Share button or email me the link), make sure I have commenting access. When you’re done, read this declaration carefully and then fill out the Canvas Declaration quiz to collect your points.

I wrote 500-800 words
I engaged with at least 2 of the prompts listed by Dr. D to help me reflect on my progress in this course
I submitted this as a Google doc, and gave Dr. D access to comment/suggest.