Final project Test: Adding to the SPLOT

You will write your final project as a blog post on your own blog, but will submit it in two locations.

  1. on Canvas, for grading.
  2. on a SPLOT, for gathering all projects in one location to share with the wider world.

The SPLOT (Smallest Possible Learning Online Tool?) is a bit like a big Pinterest board where everybody can add without needing to sign up or sign in. It’s really easy! Here’s what you do (scroll to the bottom of the page for a video tutorial):

  1. Pick a random page online you want to share with our class. It does not have to be related to our course, maybe you want to share something about a hobby you are passionate about?
    • Make sure there is an image you can add, or capture a screenshot from. The SPLOT thrives on images.
  2. Go to the website
  3. Click on Add to Collection (left menu bar)
  4. Fill out the form:
    • Title: what is the title of the page/post you want to share?
    • Upload an image: you can use a screen capture from the website, or an image you downloaded from the site. Make sure to take note of the credits/source, you need those for a later step in the form!
    • Add you name if you like – you can add items anonymously, but in the Final Project SPLOT, you will link to your blog; should you want to remain anonymous at that stage, contact me, we can find a solution!
    • Description label: provide here a few sentences with information about the webpage you link: why is it interesting, why are you sharing it?
      • This is where you add the LINK to the webpage using the CODE:
      • [link url="" text="the coolest site on the internet"]
      • and replace the bold bits with the URL and the text you want to use.
    • (This is similar to the code we use for the Easy Footnotes plugin. Congrats, you’re a coder now!)
    • Source of image: provide the credit/reference/source of the image you uploaded earlier: who is the artist, which museum is it kept at, or if it is not related to the course, give credit where it’s due.
    • Check the categories that apply. You can check more than one box.
    • Tags: use as many as you’d like, but use commas to separate them
    • Notes to the editor: e.g. if you used an alias, where I can reach you (email address or real name), or anything you want me to know
    • Preview/Share Now
      • The link in code will not show up as a hyperlink yet in Preview, but it will in the actual webpage.
      • To leave the Preview, click on the little X in the top right corner.
      • Publish by clicking on “Share Now”
    • If you need to make edits: Please email me with the changes you want to make. You may not be able to edit (because you were never logged in in the first place) ––this may be different in the newer version of the SPLOT.

Once you have clicked on “Share Now”, please go back to the Homepage: Click on “SPLOT!” (top left corner) and check if your card is there.

When your test card is added, you can tick off the task in the declaration Quiz on Canvas. (0 points, just created as a reminder but if it motivates you to cross things off your to-do list, have at it!)

Various playing cards laid out on a table in neat rows and lines
Emmett Tulos, “Cards”, Flickr