Video 4: Website tour

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The course website address is You can explore here in detail the syllabus (we will do so later this week), which includes details of the assignments, and the breakdown of the grade.

At the top of the webpage, the navigation menu shows a drop-down menu with the weekly schedule. If you want to work a bit ahead, this is where you can do so. But remember that some assignments, like providing feedback on each other’s work, depend on other students having completed their blog post first, so you won’t be able to finish up the course before the end of the semester, no matter how hard you try!

An important tab is this one: Daily Course Announcements. It will take you to a blog where I announce daily what’s up for each of my courses. You can find it in multiple locations: in addition to this tab on the course’s webpage, it is on the course’s Canvas Homepage. It is also the first tab in the Cloud Lounge menu bar at the top. You can also receive it in your email inbox, if you subscribe through the daily announcements website itself (I’ll include instructions in the first week).

There is one announcement per day, Monday through Friday (the weekends are for catching up!), and in it you will find information for all three courses. At the top important is information that is college-wide, or goes for all three courses, for instance if I needed to reschedule my drop-in tutorials, or if there is a change in college policy, or an event that would be of interest to all three courses. Underneath, you will see a table with three different colors. Each course has its own color for the entire semester, so I hope that helps to keep you in the right course. Underneath the colored table, I provide additional information and fun stuff I found around the internet, and that may include your blog posts.

The daily announcements exist to help you find a rhythm, and provide reminders of tasks that are due. In my experience with remote learning, it’s good to have a daily reminder, and it’s good to have some fun things to look through, too.

I hope these videos gave you a better idea of the course contents, goals, tools and structure. Next you will set up the three main tools we use this semester, starting with signing up for your account in the Cloud Lounge!

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