Setting up for social annotation

Time estimate: 45mins.

Today we will set up an account on (or reactivate it), join the group for our course, and annotate the course syllabus on the website.

The golden rule of learning new digital skills applies. If you can’t get it to work at all after 20 mins: don’t panic, and reach out to the Digital Learning Assistants. They can help you set this up.

Set up a account

  • NOTE: Chrome web browser works best for These instructions assume you use Chrome.
  • Follow the instructions in this video from IT/DL
    • TOP TIP: click on the arrow <– / –> in the top right corner of the video to see the screen as the main window.
    • You can use an alias. If it doesn’t look anything like your name, please email me your alias so I know whom to credit for great insights!
    • The starting website is for signing up
  • Install the Chrome extension for

If you already used in the past, you can re-activate that account.

Join the Group HST137

Annotate the syllabus

  • Go to the syllabus webpage
  • Activate the extension in the menubar of the Chrome browser, make sure you are logged in, and select group HST137 from the drop-down menu in the extension.
  • Annotate the syllabus with your questions and comments.
    • Use annotations, or respond to others’ comments.
    • You can use text, images, (gifs? Let’s try it!), and insert hyperlinks.
    • If you do not have comments, please acknowledge you read through the syllabus and understand its contents, using a page note.
      • Just click on “Page Note” at the top of the Extension window, and click on the little page icon (left side of the window, under the eye)
  • Don’t forget to click the Post button, and make sure it posts to our Group, not to Public!
  • Video on how to use, from IT/DL
  • If you don’t succeed at first: try and try again! Adopt the Growth Mindset from the cats in the sidebar. Check the Help section, experiment, explore. After 15-20mins of frustration, reach out to the DLAs!

More information on on this webpage from IT/DL

Declaration (aka how to get your points)

When you are done, read this Declaration carefully, and head on over to Canvas to fill out the Declaration Quiz:

- I created (or reactivated) an account on
- I joined the group HST137
- I commented on the syllabus with questions, or added a page note stating I had read the syllabus and have no questions.

You can then head over to the next task: setting up your personal website on Bergbuilds.

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